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Problem Solution

$740 Billion of under-utilized healthcare data assets today.
OHX’s secure P2P network integrates exchange of large scale data assets between Health Data Producers and Data Consumers.
Medical innovation is slow requiring many years and $/¥/€ to gather data and make progress.
OHX providing incentives to Individuals and Data Producers to provide continuous longitudinal health data.
Individuals do not have instant access to and control over all their health data.
OHX incentivizes Data Producers to integrate data allowing Individuals a complete overview of all their own health records, together with full control over whether to share or monetize their data.
Despite diagnostics driving 70% of medical decisions, laboratory tests only measure and capture limited data points per Individual.
There is significant potential if we could monitor all these biomarkers continuously every time a patient is tested or even every day.

A new healthcare ecosystem

OHX flips the system around completely by incentivizing Individuals to securely and easily share their health data, while enabling Data Consumers to access critical data to further medical innovation.

Genomic companies
Diagnostic companies
Health systems

Open Health Exchange

Artificial Intelligence
Secure Storage

Pharma, Biotech, & Researchers

Use Case Scenarios

Personalized Care
for Individuals

Individuals are incentivized by Data Consumers to share data across the OHX. Through OHX they are able to directly share data with anyone they choose, and control access to their own critical data. Individuals are not required to share data, and can choose to opt-in or opt-out of the Smart Exchange at any time.

Managing diverse populations
for Healthcare Systems

Healthcare providers can use the AI built into the system to identify individuals in their patient population who are sick and may not even be aware of it. This would allow for OHX to enable the healthcare system to identify Individuals with certain diseases based on biomarker data. If we flag an individual to be of concern, a healthcare system or Accountable Care Organization (ACO), would be immediately notified, and could request Individual to come in for treatment via Individual request portal. Once the patient comes in they are treated proactively within the system, to support preventive measures.

Accelerating Medical Innovation
for Pharma / Biotech

Clinical research studies today conducted independently or sponsored by pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies have many restrictions. For many patients, data is not immediately available and/or has to be pre-identified. For example, in a clinical trial focused on thyroid conditions, researchers may have determined there are only a certain type of tests they would want to measure for as they are directly relevant to the results of the study. Adding additional tests may not prove valuable and could be adding unnecessary cost.

OHX Team

Dr. Aron Rachamim


PhD, EE, Cambridge University Technologist & Serial Entrepreneur Inventor core technology for Orphidia multi-biomarker microfluidic technology

Prof. Vladimir Stantchev


PhD, Computer Science, TU Berlin. Python C C++ Java JSON R Hadoop. Professor at SRH University, Berlin. International Leader in Cybersecurity. 90 publications in Information Systems

Dr. Ryan Kuriakose


PharmD, MS. Led 3 pharma/medtech launches >$100M+. Led product management for health system analytics. Serial entrepreneur, founder of PillTalk

Dr. MengHan Kuok


PhD, Biotechnology, Cambridge University. Founder & Managing Director, Camtech. Aktivo Labs, JN Medsys, & Bandlab Technologies

Dr. Henry Fatoyinbo

VP Proteomics

PhD, Biomedical engineering Leading expert and author in digital microfluidics. Inventor label free cancer diagnostics based on AC electrokinetics

Core Technology

Blockchain Technology

Serves to ensure trust management across the ecosystem with where individuals can authorize various data consumers access to data through smart contracts

AI & Machine Learning

Massive amounts of high quality data are needed to drive forward AI/ML, — OHX will allow data to power new AI discoveries and analyses for decision making

Secure & Private Network Storage

Privacy and security are the utmost priority as they will be critical to achieve mainstream adoption. HIPAA and EU-GDPR data protection standards will be rigorously maintained.

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