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Free Stuff

Free, trimmed down exercises you can do really quickly. An insight into bigger workshops and more tools. Let me know if you'd like more, or have any questions. More to come soon!

The World Around You

The situation in the world is constantly changing and analysing it can be overwhelming. This exercise focusses on identifying the most important data for your situation. Use this as a guide to do your quick market research: Where you are, what your project looks like, why it is the way it is & how we can change it.


12 Design Disciplines

The Permaculture Design Web is following a natural pattern initially for gardening & farming. It's a circular design process where all parts are connected & flexible. Find out how you can use this structure for any design process, through an exercise using each discipline. Reach out to find out how I'm using these in my work.


Quick Ikigai Exercise

Ikigai, simplified is the reason why you get up in the morning. A good tool to use to find the perfect balance of what you love to do, what you're good at, what the world needs & what you can get paid for. This is a quick exercise to find your sweetspot. Let me know if you need help, or would like to do the extended version.


New Years Resolutions

Got any New Years Resolutions? We all know how much we can be kidding ourselves with the promises we make ourselves to change things drastically with the start of a new year. What if you could actually find way to hold on to some of those New Years Resolutions? This quick exercise might help. Otherwise we can have a closer look at your goals. Let me know!


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