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Robin van Wijk 


is currently living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. He completed a BA at the Royal Academy of Arts, in The Hague (‘14) and Willem de Kooning Academy, in Rotterdam (‘10). Working primarily with Design; Branding, Graphics, UI & Illustration.

Robin’s recent projects focus on the ways we work, both with design as well as starting up businesses and projects. Moving in-between using and creating new tools, through workshopping, structures and tools.

Since 3 years he started the journey towards applying his "creative problem solving" to different fields and industries, getting involved in the startup scene and consulting businesses in Sweden. Before that he was designing posters, illustrating and was active in the art world in Holland. Working with printmaking and managing print workspaces, in Utrecht (Kapitaal) The Hague (Billytown) & in Berkeley (Kala).

On the side Robin is always involved in the arts. Either creating, or organising events and collaborations through co-working space SBG18.
Although designing solutions he's very much working on problems himself. By investigating, working as an image detective. Experimenting and working with 'images as problems'. You can follow some of this visual research through the Research part of this site and on his Instagram.

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