We propose to...  

We propose to...

Support climate strikes with free protest posters

Building climate awareness by supporting the strikes. Artists from all over the world designed a protest poster for the Fridays for Future. Here you find the posters to be downloaded for free to be used during the striking.

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We've Got the Power

Ball Really Is Life - Mathieu Dionne

The Capitalist Paradox - Sofia Girelli

Nothing Comes From Diamonds - Virginia Gabrielli

Open Your Eyes - Virginia Gabrielli

Plastic No Sense - Tiffany Beucher

Let's Build a Better World - Coline Ferru

There Is Still Time - Ollie Silvester

Act Now - Johan Gaussens Tikeo

Best Friends - A. Bran

No Thanks - Hollie Fuller

Now - Sam Ogden

We're In This Together

Let's Keep A Good Thing Going - Karin Söderquist

Love Me Tender - Pierre Poux

Unity - Marie Eriksen

Nurture Reason - Sebastian Eriksson

One Home - Louis Otis

I Love You - Mr. Zhuravchik

Let's Go for a Ride - George(s)

It's Not so Cool - Sébastien Pastor

Be Cool! - Sébastien Pastor

It's Heating Up! - Sébastien Pastor

Climate of Hope - Robin van Wijk

Don't Stop Me Now - Robb Whiteman

There's No Place Like Earth - Lucy Scott

We Go High - Ville Oké

Shit - Samuel Craig Dyer

Bien Cuit? Non, Merci! - Xerxes Heirman

Peace Now - Susan Carr

Peace Now - Susan Carr

Untitled - Kate Isobel Scott

A Better Tomorrow - Guido de Boer

For the children - Guido de Boer

For ever - Guido de Boer

Act Now - Tomas Nilsson

Be Humble - Robin van Wijk

Love our Mother - Bobbi Rae

Shape Up - Micke Lindebergh

We All Need To Chill - Kris Andrew Small

I Like So I Strike - Mark van Wijk

Yes Green Revolution - Magnus Hedin

M Nature Always Wins - Magnus Hedin

Come Together - Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

Denial - Mark van Wijk

Keep it cool - Marie Chanteur

Love Our Planet

Its Perfectly Fine