We propose to...  

We propose to...

Collaborate on projects for support during the corona crisis

Looking for ideas

If you’re anxious around the crisis, not knowing what to do, wondering if there’s anything you can do... You can! There’s a need creative ideas!

How does it work?

1. Submit your idea
- 1-liner + small description, with the ‘problem’, solution and why it’s the right solution to the problem.
- what’s needed for the project to be realized? Skills etc. We can help with this, just send us an email.
- some info about yourself; what you do, background and motivation.

2. By April 1st we’ll go over the submissions, collect and present them. Together with our following, we will together decide what ideas make the first round. You can vote on our Instagram stories when the time has come.

3. We’ll assemble teams around the top 3 ideas and establish the needs. And then do a quick perfectly fine wash-up to see what projects would be most feasible.

5. We work on the projects together. Anybody can join us. We’ll establish rolls, tasks and responsibilities.
And of course we’ll have fun with it!

Connect to nature for our wellbeing

Idea phase
Looking for team members

Nature plays an important role for human wellbeing and has the potential to further increase positive impact in society.

How might we strategically and creatively integrate nature towards individual, team and organizational development?

How does nature improve mental health, boosting productivity and creativity? How can we prove and measure the benefits?

We'll start this project by design sprinting in nature. We are looking for people that in any way would like to be engaged in the idea. It would be very valuable to get any input on the content.

Make it easy to reuse trash for materials

Prototyping phase
Looking for App Developer

In Stockholm it's still illegal to dumpsterdive and taking once discarded trash to reuse it for new purposes.

We worked together with Impatient Design improving waste management in Stockholm, presented to us by Zero Waste, through a week long of design sprinting. The result: TrashPass, "Tinder for Trash".

You can easily swipe yes or no on other people's trash. Making it legal for you to reuse stuff and saving money on materials for art and prototyping.


Support climate protests with free posters

Growth phase
Looking for artists

Building climate awareness by supporting the strikes. Artists from all over the world designed a protest poster for #creativesforfuture.

We're sharing the posters to be downloaded for free to be used during the striking.

Don't forget to take a picture and share with us, or tag us!

See the posters
Pictures on Facebook

Provide a free stage for local artists

Growth phase
Looking for sponsors

Each last Thursday of the month you're invited over to SBG18 to bring drawings, paintings, photo's, prints etc. All levels of creatives are welcome.

- Come with one piece of art
- Almost anything goes
- Stay within an A2 format
- Have it ready to be hung
- We don’t frame, or print
- Name your price
- We take 30% per sold item
- Keep it appropriate please, NSFW

Latest event

Depot discarded materials for creative reuse

Research and discovery phase
Looking for partners

Reusing materials for the arts, kids classes, prototyping, PoC for startup products etc. Creating a space for workshops, creative camps and children’s after school programs

We'll be picking up unwanted inventory to give it new purpose. Misprints, samples, excess, wrong orders, mistakes, leftovers. Stuff like paper, textile, plastic caps, pens, paint etc.

Contact us for more information and the pitch deck.

Rethink waste-management in Stockholm

Research and discovery phase
Looking for collaborations

We teamed up with Impatient Design for a week of events around Design Sprinting. The theme for the week: "Rethinking Waste Management in Stockholm"

Design Sprinting is a process to work from a clear problem, creating quick solutions. Within a week going through ideas, sketching, prototyping and testing. At the end of the week there's a feasable outcome saving a whole lot of time and resources.

The daytime sessions of sprinting were accompanied by evening events linked to the day's themes.

Hosted by SBG18

Make bulk options more convenient

Idea phase
Looking for Retail Experts

Living a zero-waste lifestyle was never meant for individuals. Its goal is a systematical change for big corporations and mass adoptation. It’s time we stop obsessing over how personally green we live and judging our individual actions.

The soltuion we found is making change convenient. And what is more convenient then getting our favorite snacks and drinks from vending machines?

What if we combined this familiar system with more conscious consuming? A vending machine with products that are good for you and good for the world. Guilt-free shopping.

Meet up to collaborate on great ideas

Developing phase
Looking for participants

During this meetup we're working on potential prototypes for soltutions to a more sustainable city.
Puting the will, needs and skills together to face challenges together. What role can you play?

We're working on realizing new ideas using a Lightning Decision Jam, used in the business world, first used by Google Venture. Now we're using these tools for the good. Anyone is welcome to join.
Are you interested in a great side-project? Come to our next meetup, or contact us.

See you there!

Previous meetup Link

Give a second life to your old clothes

Growth phase
Looking for artists and partners

Giving a second life to your old clothes, extending the life of clothing by a further 9 months would reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by 20-30%.

Fast fashion has a huge environmental impact, this a simple way to make a difference. Renewing your wardrobe while being sustainable.

Live screenprinting, shop for upcycled merch and clothes swap. With designs by Katherine Plumb, Remington Maxwell, Robb Whiteman and Jordy van den Nieuwendijk. In collaboration with Zero Waste Stockholm.

Event page & Facebook event

Save the bees by planting wild flowers

Growth phase
Looking for ambassadors

Bee’s help us with 30% of all our food, through pollinating our crops. But the last 2 years we lost almost half of all beehives.

They need our help!
We're buildings teams around the world to plant wildflowers that bees love. Contact us for the complete list.

We've hosted our first event with volunteers planting these plants on neglected lots in Philadelphia, USA. In collaboration with Global Shapers.


Build a creative community in Stockholm

Growth phase
Looking for members

A new creative workspace for freelance practices, collaborations, project development, events and workshops.

We opened with drinks and exhibition of the poster project for the climate strikes #creativesforfuture.

SBG18 is a physical space for 6-8 interdisciplinary creatives and all the ideas that need a location, to be able to work together both for our day jobs, as well as projects and events.

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