We propose to...  

We propose to...

Develop projects for a more sustainable future

What does that mean?

Perfectly Fine is a platform for developing solutions social and environmental issues.. We post projects of our own, as well as other people’s projects, or yours. To connect people, building a team and make things happen.

Why us?

We have a way of getting projects started. With years of experience in Branding, Design, Product Development and working for startups. Now we'd like to spend our extra time focusing on the good.

How does it work?

It’s simple, you either:
1. Find a project you’d like to get involved in and send us a message
2. Post an idea for a project you need help with.
We can set up a quick call/meeting to help you with the first steps.
And help get you in touch with the right people to build a team.

Open call!

We are looking for ideas around:
"(re)building a community for support
during the corona crisis."

Send us a message with:

- Your name
- Background, profession
- 1-liner on idea
+ small description
- What's needed; skills, rolls etc.
- And motivation behind the idea