Robin van Wijk   


Robin is a Dutch creative, working on Branding, Graphics, UX & Business Design. Currently residing in Stockholm.

In his design practice he works with startup, non-startup, big & small brands. To design + communicate in a clear, compelling way your idea, business or brand goals & actions.

As an entrepreneur he is building content + tools to help creatives more easily establish, built & sustain their business. Improving the way work is done.
Working both hands-on to elevate & drive the design process, as well as operational, high-level planning of projects. Keeping cohesiveness in actions & direction.

Currently designing for Försäkring, consulting at Ideaction & Toolspace on the side & running workspace for design, art & events.

Open for branding work, illustration, or workshopping. Just reach out:



An optimal use for the Research.

So much great research deserves its own online presence. We initiated a new brand look and website for the Research deprtment FOU. In addition to the main website, we are working to give the Archive the place it deserves, where research is offered & put to good use.

FOU Website
Research Archive Video

Building & using Impatient Design tools for a new way of working.

My work has completely changed since starting Impatient. It gives the feeling of having something behind my work to be more confident, having the right tools & systems for the job. While using these methods ourselves, like Design Thinking & Sprints, we started building them for ourselves and others to use. We teach how to facilitate as well.

Impatient Deck - Impatient Playbook
Impatient Design Sprint Week
Aweffice Nature Sprint
Impatient Words on Medium
Impatient Instagram